SEO: How To Get Literature E-Books In The Positions

For many authors and self-publishers, search engine optimization is a closed book. It’s a far cry from the creative process of writing. After all, you wrote your book for people and not for search engines.

However, you should think about Google searches when it comes to book titles and descriptions.

The scope of web search

As a self-publisher, you may have invested money in editing or a professional cover. But then, at the latest when writing the book description text with the last creative force, it dawns on you.

How can the new book be discovered by my target group?

Because now an iron sphere of the action takes hold:

    • Hardly any eBook sells itself without online marketing
    • No online marketing works without your own website or social media presence
    • No website or social media presence gets found without toronto seo

On the Internet, there are no conspicuously arranged bookshelves, no illuminated shop windows, no bookseller with advice and no prime location in the pedestrian zone. Almost everything on the web is done using search engines which readers have to find first.

Think of the search as early as the title of the book

All of these search mechanisms work according to a similar scheme, even in the depths of the Internet. They search for keywords. So your readership is searching for keywords. And the relevant and appropriate ones should lead to your book. It’s worth doing some research when choosing a book title. Fire up Google and test your book title before you publish your book, because the title may need to be changed again.

Build your own web presence with toronto seo

If you are not so well-versed in web technology, have a freelancer set up the web presence. You can include WordPress, the domain name including server setup, a suitable theme and the SEO plug-in. Otherwise, this will cost you weeks and months of time and nerves that you should rather put in your book and good marketing copy.

Get a brief introduction to the Content Management System for a fee. This saves you a lot of time and money for thick IT books. You can then carry out the search engine optimizations yourself within WordPress or a similar CMS and thus save a lot of money.