How Technology Impacts the Way We Read

While all technology uses seem to make our lives simpler, what is it really causing to our development? How is this developing digital age impacting their knowledge and their skills to accomplish tasks that once had to learn at schools like simple mental mathematics, their reading improvement, and even their writing skills? And for all users regardless of age and gender, Does reading on-screen web blogs that utilize affordable seo compromise your comprehension?

1. Reading on a screen lacks substantial experience.

Reading is a multi-sensory experience. According to some studies, the brain’s response of reading uses not just the sense of sight, but as well as the sense of touch. There is something about utilizing a physical page of a book or manual that makes it easier to ready and digest.

2. Reading on a screen makes it tougher to operate and orient oneself, particularly with hypertexts.

Hypertexts are one of the internet’s most essential tools. Certainly, hypertexts are the idea behind the web.” The user bounces from one spot to another with the tick of the mouse to another—creating a web of jumps.

3. Digital technology may result in shallower comprehension.

In conventional published books, the writer has (probably) contributed significant time devising a coherent story or line of thinking. As the reader reads through the work, he can stop and reflect the unfolding book. When he is done studying about what he just study, the book is right there—ready to commence the reader again along with a long, thoroughly thought out way of logic.

4. It is hard to concentrate while reading on a digital device.

Reading on an internet-enabled mobile device or with preloaded video games is extremely distracting. Ninety percent of students thought that they were more prone to be doing other things while reading on the screen, while only 2% thought that a printed material would make them more prone to multitasking. Eight percent felt the means (on-screen or on paper) is irrelevant when it came to multitasking.