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Month: December 2021

  Some of the most effective movies of all timeĀ according to Movierulz are supported by great books. Whether it’s the more recently, No Country For Old Men by Cormac McCarthy, or From Here To Eternity by author James Jones. To transform films, great books provide wonderful source material for screenwriters and directors. However, there have […]

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Christmas Parties as Written in Literature

Everyone really loves to have a good party especially if they will have to attend a special party during the Christmas season. Even in the literature, fictional characters also attend Christmas parties and it seems that they really have fun going there. Here are some examples of literature that show how they celebrated Christmas parties: […]

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Why Literature is Important

  Although “literary” is a wide word, most people describe it as literature that has enduring aesthetic, cultural, and/or intellectual worth. Ancient Greek plays, James Baldwin’s essays, and Charlotte Bronte’s novels are among the works of literature. This form of writing tackles difficult topics and concepts, prompting readers to consider fresh perspectives regardless of the […]

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