Online Games for Literature Lovers

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Nowadays, literature fans don’t necessarily hide behind the cover of their favorite book. Because some games are more than just simple funny Roblox games. For this reason, more and more readers love the interactive adventure, which is more exciting, educational, and relaxing than any favorite book.

Going on a virtual journey

Friends of the good book may have already read and understood all the important works of literature. Reading means adventure in the head for many. But why not experience an adventure on screen that is interactive, challenging, and imaginative at the same time? Such pixel adventures can be described in different ways, such as:

  • Consoles
  • Computer Games
  • Smartphone Apps
  • Online Games

Games are particularly appealing to the discerning reader, as the interactive experiences are complex and intense at the same time. A film or book can therefore not compete with a game. Because the virtual world lets the player embark on a journey that is more exciting than accompanying Frodo on his adventure. So-called adventure games can therefore seduce the otherwise so passionate reader while playing in a completely new virtual reality.


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In addition to adventures, very simple skill games are also interesting for those interested in literature, as the virtual environment paired with the right sound and the background story is extremely relaxing right from the start.

Such a game is, for example, “Flower” for the Playstation, which is euphoric and beautiful at the same time. In this game, the gamer is allowed to fly and enjoy the colorful blooms. Afterward, you feel wonderfully relaxed and cheerful. Things are a bit more turbulent in “I Am Alive”, a computer game about the apocalypse. Here, the player must fight for survival as he moves through a unique, urban world.

Play online and enjoy the background story

If you don’t want to buy games or game consoles, and still want to dream into a virtual world, you can play the Faust slot from Novoline. This slot is about the chemistry laboratory of Dr. Faust, which exudes a tense ambiance. The slot with five reels and ten pay lines also guarantees the best entertainment. Playing is very easy and is either free of charge or with real money. Real money players choose their bet first. After that, attention must be paid to the symbols. In addition to the well-known card symbols, there is also a blue and a red scale on the reels.

These stand for the inner turmoil of Dr. Faust. Faust must therefore choose between two paths. If a row of five pictures appears, there is 75 times the bet as a prize. When Gretchen – Faust’s great love – appears, there is 200 times the stake. With twice Dr. Faust on the reels next to each other, you get the bet back. Three times Dr. Faust has 10 times, four times 100 times and five Faust images bring in 500 times the stake.