Video And Computer Games In Literature Class

Video and computer games are no longer a marginal phenomenon. It is an integral part of the everyday life of most children and young people. The number of gamers and their average age is growing steadily. Computer games are also increasingly being taken seriously as a cultural asset.

Discussing or even using games in class can be helpful in order to reach students in their reality of life. It thus gets them more enthusiastic about certain content or topics. Video games are of course not a didactic panacea and their role in everyday life as well as certain aspects can of course also be critically monitored. But as a teacher, it is right and important to behave in an enlightened manner as a teacher and to address certain excesses in order to create a space for reflection for students.


Why use video games in the classroom?

Computer games are not only a popular pastime, they can also be educational. In the spirit of Schiller’s dictum, “Man is only fully human where he plays”, you can see yourself as playful people. You are a homo ludens – who develop skills best and most entertainingly in and through play.

This is exactly where video and computer games come in. They interactively and in a playful environment pose challenges to the players that have to be mastered. In this way, they can motivate students to face a wide variety of challenges and to deal with topics that they would normally ignore.

League of legends games enable sustainable learning through experience and open up spaces for active learning and reflection. Through eloboostleague, the lol boosting can help learners become more active. This has a positive effect to the mental abilities.

The special thing about computer games is that their consumers, unlike literature or film, are not just recipients of other people’s works. Rather, they act themselves and make free decisions within the scope of the possibilities, which makes the players themselves the center of the action.

How can games be used in the literature classes?

In order to exploit this potential, computer and video games also need to be used in a considered manner. How this can best be done depends on many factors. The factors include technical equipment, school level and subject, licenses, pedagogical concept and much more. It is therefore necessary to think carefully about what is to be achieved beforehand. There is now a wealth of information aimed at teachers.