Should We Start Considering Blogs As Literary Form?



I have always viewed blogging, particularly legal blogging, as something different than writing a writing, a review, an alert, or other sorts of communication.

But what’s blogging? Should or not it’s defined by the software on which you publish?

It hardly is smart to artificially call something a blog or call what you are doing blogging thanks to the software used or the label you place thereon.

  • Drama – the writing style of works intended for the rostrum
  • Prose – ordinary writing as distinguished from verse
  • Form – an appointment of the weather during composition or discourse; “the essay was within the style of a dialogue”; “he first sketches the plot in outline form”
  • Poetry, verse – literature in metrical form

But when should we consider blogs like Newtoki News as literary pieces?

  • If we taught courses publicly writing on blogs?
  • Good use of links.
  • Building community.
  • Different voices. Active vs passive.
  • Style.
  • What if we had blog writer’s retreats?
  • If we studied the forms of tools that employment best?
  • Connections with technology? (I would totally enjoy that.)


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Run with Winer’s thinking a small amount. Lawyers learn to blog as an art very like they learn legal writing as a 1L.

Lawyers come to grasp that blogging well could also be nothing over-sharing what you’ve got read and offering your take.

They learn that blogging may be a learning experience. The more a lawyer blogs, the more learned the lawyer becomes as a result of their reading and sharing. The larger their network of peers, authorities, and journalists becomes.

We have conferences and meet-ups of bloggers. We’re not pigeonholed at marketing conferences. Though we may come there and share what’s stepping into the blogging world even as a media publisher may come to present tips about the way to get earned media.

A byproduct for the general public is that we (as an in-house counsel, executive, consumer, or small business person) get to pay attention to this information being surfaced and commented upon by good lawyers. Information and insight were never before available.

Where does blogging fit with marketing? As a result of blogging, a lawyer receives the advantages marketing strives to attain.

But the goal of blogging isn’t to plug. Marketing, if you wish to call that the end result, comes because of the results of good blogging.

The results of legal blogging, though a distinct “literary form” than writing articles, a book, and law review pieces accomplish much the identical as those mediums have for lawyers over the last century.

Blogging has not only democratized this manner of publishing by not requiring one to travel through intermediaries, but blogging has also added elements that totally differentiate it from other kinds of writing. Elements that job to a lawyer’s advantage and therefore the public’s advantage.

What does one think? able to acknowledge blogging as a literary form?