11 Books for Children Teaching About Keeping Water Clean

Silhouette of a child reading a book


Many people in the Middle East take clean water with no consideration, and that includes water tank cleaning. But, some people within the world don’t have clean water to drink. And, sea animals around the world are at risk due to polluted water. Learn and grow with these children’s books about water along with your kids.

Books About Water

One Well The Story of Water on Earth by Rochelle Strauss takes readers on a desirable check out the water on our planet.

All the Water within the World by George Ella Lyon may be a poetic examine how water flows through us all including an introduction to the water cycle. At the tip may be a plea for us to require care of the water in our world.

A beautiful poetic examine all the forms that water takes on earth is what you’ll find in Water Dance by Thomas Locker. a better observe the water cycle is included at the rear of the book.

The drop by My Drink by Meredith Hooper takes us back to the very first drop of water and opens with, “All the water we’ve got is all the water we’ve always had”. We get an excellent appreciation and respect for the water of the planet throughout this book. A decent pick for class and up.

I love The Water Princess by Susan Verde. It’s supported a real story of a miss who dreams of bringing clean water to her community. this is often a good explanation of how some villages within the world don’t have clean water and should work to urge water on a usual.


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Hope Springs by Eric Walter could be a story of fear and hope. It highlights the very fact that several people within the world fear there’ll not be enough water for them to survive. This story is bound to strike some amazing conversations with the kids.

A Thirst for Home by Christine Geronimo is that the story of a woman who once lived in Ethiopia where clean water was a struggle to achieve. Her mother made the difficult decision to allow her child up for adoption to a family within the U.S. This emotional story will really take a glance at decisions we make and therefore the role of water in our lives.

Four Feet, Two Sandals by Karen Lynn Williams literally helps young children get in the shoes of other children who must wash their clothes within the river and walk to urge daily water. It’s an excellent book to use for teaching empathy likewise because of the challenge of water for a way of life survival.

A book like Four Feet, Two Sandals is Alma Fullerton’s, a decent Trade. Along the way, he meets relief workers with a present.

Animals need access to water too. Explore animals around the world as they visit the pond during different seasons of the year within the pond by Graeme Base.

Travel to Prince William Sound, Alaska in Prince William by Gloria Rand. After an oil spill, many animals are in peril due to polluted water. A community works together to rescue a number of animals.