5 Amazing Books for E-Bikers

Man riding an e-bike


A benefit of owning an e-bike is that a fast pedal may bring riders into the ideal reading corner along with a lake or in a city park. Both individuals on holiday and individuals on lunch break might quickly pack a publication alongside a healthful lunch and produce a day that leaves them feeling rested and refreshed. Below are a few of our favorite novels about biking trails.

1) Full Tilt: Ireland to India With a Bicycle with Dervla Murphy

This nonfiction read has been printed in 1965 and tells the story of Dervla Murphy’s 1963 bicycle ride through nine states, such as Yugoslavia, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and New Delhi. Clients gain insight into specific cultural landscapes while also learning about the physiological struggles of such a journey.

2) One Year to a Bike: From Amsterdam to Singapore from Martijn Doolaard

Another journey memoir fashion publication is Doolaard’s narrative of travel 17,000 kilometers through 18 nations. It’s a narrative of self-discovery and remarkable visual vision. The book was printed in 2017 and pairs nicely with the magnificent award-winning movie available online.


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3) The Rider from Tim Krabbé

An exhilarating fast read is located within this 150-page literary accounts of a street race. The publication was printed in the Netherlands in 1978, and afterward getting a biking publication classic, premiered in the united states in 2003. Reading the novel is an opportunity to vicariously have the technical specifics, bodily challenges, and psychological rushes of a cycling race.

4) The Comeback from Daniel de Visé

A biographical account of Greg LeMond, the sole American to win the Tour de France, is guaranteed to inspire novice and professional riders alike. Released in 2018, the book relates the life span of both LeMond, his mythical race in 1986, along with his inspirational come back into the next Tour de France title in 1989 after nearly losing his life in a hunting mishap.

5) Bike Nation: The Way Cycling Could Save Your World from Peter Walker

This nonfiction book hit shelves in 2017 and clarifies why biking ought to keep on getting a typical mode of transport. The well-researched and well-written accounts go via the many health benefits of biking along with also cities like New York City and Copenhagen developed bike-friendly infrastructure.

The next time you want to find some fresh air, work out in your own e-bike, like the ones you can find at www.ponfish.com, into a favorite lake or seat and take the time to see a novel about biking trails. Who knows it might inspire another holiday or offer the inspiration you require for a physically active way of life.