Can You Build a Garage Over a Drainfield

Many homeowners decide to put in a garage for their home after it has already been assembled. Doing this is a great way to add value to your house and give yourself a few additional spaces for parking and storage. But in case you have got a septic area, you must be cautious about where you construct a garage. Assembling one in the wrong place could severely impede your ability to get parts of your septic system.

You should not ever construct a garage within any part of your septic area. That is because doing so will make it almost impossible to empty your septic tank or execute different kinds of septic area maintenance. Even if these items were not a problem, placing too much burden on top of your septic area can harm it.

What is a Septic Area?

Septic area is just another phrase that is used to refer to a septic system. All these are underground wastewater treatment constructions which are typical in both rural areas and other areas without centralized sewage systems.

A standard septic system comprises three different components, a tank, a drainfield, and a soil absorption area. These elements work together to collect wastewater, treat it, and prepare it to be dispersed back into the ground. In case you got a problem with it, Septic and drainfield depot got you.

Maintaining your septic area working properly is a significant part maintaining your house working. With no functioning septic area, you are going to encounter quite a few pipes problems which may be expensive to fix. That is the reason it is vital that you stick to the best tips for maintaining your septic area working optimally. Doing this will save you tens of thousands of repair and hours of your own time and energy.

The Way to Discover the Boundaries of a Septic Field

Before beginning construction on a new garage, then you must understand just where your septic area finishes. Failing to do so can make you inadvertently build along with this area, threatening the integrity of your septic system.

To locate the bounds of a septic area, first, talk to your house’s blueprints. You could have the ability to discover exactly where the machine starts and ends without needing to go out and search for this info yourself.

You could also check the natural incline of your property to find the leach area. Never use heavy machinery in this procedure, as doing so can result in critical harm to a septic system or a utility line. It is also wise to talk to your regional electrical utility or gas supplier before digging to get your septic system.

You might also need to utilize a septic tank breaker prior to digging. These are lean, long sticks which you push in the ground. It is possible to use you to recognize the advantages of your tank or the plumbing leading from it without even having to perform some heavy digging.