Literature & Video Game Skin

Digital games and literature are related to one another in many ways. Sometimes a game is based on a popular book series. Sometimes the narrative structure of a game resembles the narrative structure of a novel. And sometimes computer and video games are themselves topics in literature. A large number of science fiction novels dealing with the topics of digital games and virtual reality have also appeared in recent years. Furthermore, players can sell skins for litecoin these days.

Ready Player One: Escape from the world in a digital skin game

The novel shows two different scenarios. On the one hand, a possible future in which humanity lives at the subsistence level due to the consequences of global energy and economic crisis. On the other hand, there is a perfect virtual simulation in which people flee from reality and in which games, fun and joy determine everyday life. To enter the OASIS, players need VR glasses, haptic gloves or, alternatively, a haptic suit to increase immersion.

The three suns by Cixin Liu: The digital game as a climate simulation

A VR game also takes up an essential part of the plot in the science fiction novel The Three Suns by the Chinese Cixin Liu.sell skins for litecoin In the novel, the main character Wang Miao watches other people like this a demanding and complex VR computer game called Three Bodyplay and then try it out for yourself. The game is set in a seemingly alien world, far from our own planetary system. This planet has three suns that seem to follow a chaotic orbit. The development of a civilization on its surface is interrupted again and again either the atmosphere burns up or it solidifies to ice.

The extremes sometimes change in a very short time and without warning. The inhabitants of the planet have difficulty developing their civilization and predicting climate changes. In contrast to humans, however, they have the ability to dry themselves out and thus survive extreme climatic conditions. The aim of the game is to make a reliable climate forecast for the planet and thus save life on it.

The virtual world of Die Drei Sonnen is a lot more depressing and darker than the colourful simulation of the OASIS from Ready Player One. Here the escape from the simulation is in the foreground of the novel.