Instagram Views And Strong Captions Do Matter When Growing Your Brand

In its beginnings, Instagram was only a photo sharing app. But over the years, updates and more features were added. These allowed its users to also post short videos on their feed, making the Instagram a much more appealing and interesting platform to share your content and view others’. As Instagram has significantly improved since its introduction, more and more people began using the platform either for personal or business use, or both. As a result, the social networking site houses more than a billion accounts with over 500 million users worldwide who are active on the platform every day. With this potential audience reach, numerous businesses and individuals choose Instagram to build, promote and grow their brands.

Instagram Views Matter When Growing Your Brand

When it comes to growing brand awareness and recognition, Instagram views is a significant element to work on. Views count on Instagram is the number of watches that a video content on one’s account gets from its audience. Similar to other video sharing platforms like YouTube, one of the most important metrics that content creators track to measure their success is the amount of views that their content gets. For several good reasons, view count does matter on Instagram as well especially for content creators and brands. Below are among the key reasons why Instagram views is a matter of importance.

  • They help your content remain or stay longer on top of the news feeds of users, making it easier for you to get even more views.
  • As your content is visible on news feeds, it has the potential to get other forms of engagements, such as likes, comments, and shares, from your audience. When you get more engagements, you can attract new audience to view and engage in your content.
  • Instagram views could help you get more followers. People are drawn towards original and unique content which is why they tap the “follow” button when they find a content interesting so as not to miss and to view more of your content.

Know that every video that you publish on your account has the potential to get views and draw in more engagements as well as followers. So, apart from creating original, high-quality content (which is already a given), there are more ways for you to grow your view count on Instagram.

Increase Instagram Views Count – Write Strong Instagram Captions

One of the easiest and fastest ways is to pay for Instagram views which is best to obtain from trusted providers, like By choosing reliable providers, you ensure you are provided with genuine, high quality views which will add value to your content, which help increase the chances for you to get real organic views, followers and other engagements.

While buying Instagram engagements may give you the boost you need to get started on the platform, you shouldn’t rely on this completely. Another way to grow your views count in Instagram is write engaging captions. Indeed, Instagram focuses on images. However, the captions that goes along with your content also plays an essential role in Instagram marketing.

Whether it’s growing your views counts to push in more followers and engagements, expanding awareness on your brand, or driving leads and sales, writing strong, attention-grabbing Instagram captions are a must as these could add meaningful context to your content adding value to them. That said, below are a few guidelines and tips to write strong captions:

  • Identify your primary goals and use them as your guide to create strong relevant captions.
  • Know how long the caption of your Instagram content can be as well as how long it has to be. But it is recommended to keep it brief and sweet.
  • Include clichés or references from pop culture to perfectly capture the idea of your content.
  • Add hashtags relevant to your content, but keep them diverse as well. Hashtags can help you reach more audience and appear in hashtags feeds.
  • Include a call to action (CTA). Encourage your audience to take a specific action such as visiting your page outside Instagram, to sign up for a workshop, share your content, drop a comment, and anything else that would motivate and encourage your audience to engage and get involved.