Books That Spartan Composites Founders Should Read

It is true. You can find all the information you need on the subject of founding a company and self-employment on the Internet. But sometimes you want to get the most important things bundled and not spend hours navigating through the World Wide Web. In addition, reading a book can be a relaxing break in stressful everyday life.

Some books that Spartan composites founders must read

The Startup Bible

“The Startup Bible: The practical guide for a quick, safe and successful start-up!’ by Reinhard Thieler-Unge shows sceptical entrepreneurs that founding a company is not as difficult or time-consuming as they fear. Particularly interesting for those who would like to start their own spartan composites business part-time.

The road to becoming an entrepreneur

“The way to a successful entrepreneur: How you and your company gain new momentum (your business)” by Stefan Merath is not a typical non-fiction book. Rather, the readers follow the main character of this business novel as he becomes a successful businessman. Of course, one or the other lesson for your own business is inevitable. A great read if you just need some entertainment, but are also looking for added value.

Less taxes & more wealth

As a founder, it is particularly important to gain an understanding of taxes and assets so that you can work with your tax consultant to find the best solution for your business. This begins with the choice of legal form and extends to investments and retirement provision. Alexander Keck explains the topic in his book ” Less taxes & more assets: How to make more out of your money as an entrepreneur ” in a simple and understandable way. It also offers freelancers numerous insights into the subject of asset management.

Guide for female founders

“Just do it! The Guide for Women Founders” by Katharina Marisa Katz specifically addresses women who want to set up a business. Because the majority of start-ups are still founded by men. Katz shows the stories of 20 female founders and their paths. There are valuable tips on how to do it yourself. A book that encourages women to take the step into self-employment.

Startup hacks

“Start-up Hacks: What really drives companies forward “by Bernhard Kalhammer. Bernhard Kalhammer is a founder himself and also successfully runs a podcast of the same name, in which he interviews various young founders. In this book, he reveals the best tips and tricks for making a start-up successful.