Short Story Anthology for Charity – submissions due Dec 31st


The Australian Literature Review is accepting submissions of 1500 – 4000 word stories for a short story anthology for charity to be published as an ebook on Amazon’s kindle platform. (Kindle books are made available for purchase through and can be read on kindle ereaders, personal computers, and other compatible devices such as ipads, Blackberrys and some mobile phones.) The publication will coincide with‘s year-long iREAD trial in Ghana for the delivery of their ereader program, which has the goal of making ebooks accessible by all people.

The anthology will be published sometime in January or February. The authors onboard so far include Tony ParkSally HendersonKim Stanley Robinson, Michael White, Deborah AbelaShaun MicallefKerry BrownSam Stephens and Colleen Bashford.

Submissions to are due by midnight December 31st 2010. There are multiple spots available and anyone with a good story could be published alongside the authors above. This is unpaid but will provide great publicity for contributing authors and help to provide real, practical benefits for world literacy and education as well as for writer development.

The anthology will be a collection of short stories (1500 – 4000 words each):

– half will each have a strong African focus (such as being set in Africa), and

– half will each have a strong focus on a specific aspect of human behaviour common to many people around the world (such as love, revenge, ambition, forgiveness, betrayal, friendship, deception, self-sacrifice, self-delusion, self-preservation/survival, responsibility, bravery, etc).  

The anthology will alternate between the African and the ‘common humanity’ stories (without advocating any cause or appealing for readers to act on any agenda – it’s just about good fiction).

It will be sold for $5 or less through Amazon, and proceeds from sales will be split 50/50 between, to go towards their literacy/education work in developing countries, and The Australian Literature Review, to go towards charitable projects helping Australians develop their fiction writing craft. The writer development projects in Australia will also have spin-off benefits for world literacy/education built in.

This anthology will give people an attractive alternative to simply donating to a literary/literacy charity, provides them with a great product at a great price, and is priced low enough for people to make an inexpensive on-the-spot decision to purchase, while also making it appropriately priced for many people in developing countries.

The short length of the stories will make them suitable to be read in classes or writing groups, followed by a related lesson or discussion, for writers to read for some quick inspiration when they have ‘writer’s block’, and for readers still learning to read english fluently who might be more enthusiastic about reading short stories in their spare time whereas they would be more reluctant to start longer stories.

It will be followed up by a guide to using the anthology and each of its stories in classrooms, writing groups and to learn about the craft of written fiction. This will also be made available for $5 or less with the same split proceeds model.

Both the anthology and the guide will also be made available free of charge to for use in their charitable ereader programs in developing countries (at present, a year-long trial with 400 students in Ghana, before expanding to more large scale programs).

(Unpublished stories are much preferred, but previously published stories will be considered if they fit the anthology’s concept especially well.)


The Australian Literature Review

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