Eyes & Lashes: Vital When Reading Literature

For many people, books are part of life. It is not only fun to browse literature for hours but also makes sense.

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Eyes and lashes: Reading makes you a better person

In his research, an American professor established a connection between the frequency of reading and empathy. His thesis: those who encounter a wide variety of characters, opinions and worldviews in literature are more tolerant and can deal more easily with other views and people.

Eyes and lashes: Reading broadens general education

Every book creates a new little world and from it, you can take the knowledge that you didn’t have before. This can be a new aspect of the story, read in a historical novel, information about a country from which the main character comes, or something worth knowing directly from a non-fiction book. You are always smarter afterwards.

Eyes and lashes: Reading expands vocabulary

Frequent readers are often able to express themselves precisely and in a more selective manner. This is because your brain memorizes words formulations and text structures.  This is why it is also important to read to young children. By the way, researchers assume that formulations memorize themselves particularly well by giving them out loud suggestions.

Eyes and lashes: Reading makes you sexy

People perceive you as intelligent and more attractive if you read books. And what seems smarter than a person who reads in public? This is because curiosity, interesting conversations, and empathy are subconsciously attributed to her. You can even look sexier with wholesale mink lashes and packaging when you read in public.

Eyes and lashes: Reading keeps the brain fit

The brain is like any other part of the body. To keep it fit, you have to use it. If you train and challenge it again and again, you will stay mentally fit longer in old age and can slow down the breakdown.

Eyes and lashes: Reading reduces stress

Those who have the ability to immerse themselves completely in another world while reading literature can consider themselves lucky. This short break for the brain can help to reduce stress by letting go of everyday life. The best proof of this is the constant falling asleep when you want to briefly read a few pages in bed.