Beautiful Winter Novels For Snow Heroes Workers

In the long, cold winter evenings, there are novels in which you can feel the cold of the Siberian winter on every page or read the melancholic sadness. They are novels that tell about people and their stories and take you to other countries. After a hard day working as SnowHeroes professional providing outstanding snow removal services, you can snuggle up under a warm blanket with a good literature book. Light a few candles, get a cup of tea, if you have one, and let yourself be inspired by the literary journey into winter.


Leo Tolstoy: Anna Karenina

The scene is impressive: Anna Karenina gets off the train in Moscow in her fur hat, and it’s snowing. This is where Count Vronsky and the unhappily married Anna meet for the first time. What follows is adultery, a torrid affair in the cold Russian winters, in the sumptuous palaces of Tsardom. On the other hand, there is this scene: Lewin adores the beautiful princess Katja while she is ice skating, and asks for her hand, and after a long back and forth the two come together.

The happy couple in the country contrasts with the unhappy couple in Russian society, who seem lost through the shame of adultery, at least as far as the female part is concerned, namely Anna Karenina, because as an adulteress she is denied any contact in aristocratic society. Not so her lover. Tolstoy gives you insights into the magnificent world of St. Petersburg and Moscow, but also into the country life of the Russian landed gentry of that time. He describes the case of a young noblewoman fleeing society to her death. There is no better woman understander than Tolstoy, who describes the female soul so aptly.

Leo Tolstoy: Resurrection – Siberian winter cold

When one is through Anna Karenina, one dedicates oneself to the resurrection. Here, the icy cold of Siberia is described so grippingly that one freezes inside. Also because the long winters and the cold landscape reflect the coldness of Russian society at the same time. A housemaid born out of wedlock is made pregnant by the adolescent aristocratic offspring, then expelled from the manor.

What follows is the typical poverty career for a woman of that time. She ends up in a whorehouse, then in jail. She is innocently accused of murder and that’s where the noble scion from back then comes into play. He recognizes in her his sin from back then, understands that he is responsible for her fate, and feels remorse. Can and will he free her from her difficult fate? Tolstoy describes the predicament in Siberian women’s prisons and the arrogance, and fall of the characters.