The Australian Literature Review accepts general submissions from authors. Submissions will be selected for online publication at the discretion of The Australian Literature Review. Decisions to publish online will be informed by the content of the submission (a writer’s qualifications, professional positions held and previous publication history will not factor into the decision).

If your submission is selected for the site, you will receive a response within four weeks of submission.

Length Guidelines:

Short fiction 1000-3000 (Poetry can be shorter but should be at least 100 words. For very short styles of poetry, such as haiku, send multiple poems to make at least 100 words.)

Reviews 800-3000

Articles on Literary Craft 1000-3000

Literary Interviews 800-3000

Your Favourites (tell us one of your favourite literary works and why) 300-500 words

Content Guidelines:

The guidelines for content are deliberately broad as The Australian Literature Review does not want content to be tailored to guidelines handed down to authors but for authors to submit work which they themself want to write.

Content should have some originality.

Fiction content should be entertaining. Other content should be interesting and useful to people.

Content should NOT primarily be an attempt to comment on abstract ideas of ‘social structure’, ‘cultural conventions’ or ‘imagined collective identity’.

Content should NOT require elaborate symbolic codes on top of general language and understanding to interpret.

Send submissions to with the type of submission stated in the title of the email.

By submitting you agree that your submission can be displayed on The Australian Literature Review website (