Reviews of Australian Literature

Reviews on The Australian Literature Review are treated a little differently to reviews done in many other places, in that they are generally aimed more at the craft of fiction writing, with a particular book as its focus.

The King Rolen’s Kin Trilogy and Technical Aspects of Fiction 

Deadly Trust and Exposition Through Goal Oriented Action of a Character

When Courage Came to Call, Chapter Transitions and Story Outlines

The Delta, ‘Perspective and Voice’ and ‘Reporting Thought and Action’

Wildflower Hill: Introducing Character and Story

Beautiful Malice, Mystery and Suspense

Glitter Rose


Undercurrents, Coolum Wave Writers and Writer’s Group Anthologies

Fortune Cookie

King’s Wrath and setting up conflict

The Lost Castle and blending unfamiliar details into a story

Where Have You Been?

The Australian Literature Review is accepting submissions of reviews for works of fiction written by Australian authors or set in Australia (800-3000 words).

For further details, see the Submit page.

Submissions should be emailed to

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