Novel Chapters/Excerpts


Keri Arthur, With Friends Like These – Chapters 123456

The Power of One Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One – extract from Chapter 1.

The Story of Danny Dunn Bryce Courtenay, The Story of Danny Dunn – Chapter 1.

Beneath Hill 60: The Australian Miners' Secret Warfare Beneath the Trenches of the Western Front Will Davies, Beneath Hill 60  – Chapter 1.

State of Emergency Sam Fisher, State of Emergencyexcerpt.

When Courage Came to Call L.M. Fuge, When Courage Came to Call – Chapter 1.

Beautiful Malice Rebecca James, Beautiful Malice – Chapter 1.

Death Most Definite Trent Jamieson, Death Most Definiteexcerpt.

Blue Skies Fleur McDonald, Blue Skies – Chapter 1.

Bye Bye Baby Fiona McIntosh, Bye Bye Baby – Chapter 1.

The Family Farm Fiona Palmer, The Family Farm – Chapter 1.

Silent Predator Tony Park, Silent Predator – Chapter 1

Power And Majesty Tansy Rayner Roberts, Power and Majesty – Chapters 1-4.

Bleed for Me Michael Robotham, Bleed For Me – Chapter 1.

Shatter Michael Robotham, Shatter – Chapter 1.

The Cattleman's Daughter Rachael Treasure, The Cattleman’s Daughter – Chapter 1.

The Fortunes of Ruby White Lia Weston, The Fortunes of Ruby White – Chapters 1-2.


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