Touring Australia With AusLit

The Australian Literature Review is touring mainland Australia bringing you insights from various locations around the country beyond the major events covered extensively elsewhere.

Expect anything from the ordinary to the extraordinary, chats with bestselling and award-winning authors in their hometowns, meeting small town and big city writing groups and gaining some insight into what they do, finding out how aspiring novelists are going about fulfiling their ambition, meet an agent or publicist and find out what they do, book launches, readings, or anything else relevant to fiction writing in Australia. Suggestions and invitations are welcome throughout Jan and Feb.

Chatting With Authors

The following articles are  each based on a chat with an author on location around Australia.

A chat with Lia Weston (CBD, Adelaide)

A chat with Ben Chandler (Glenelg, Adelaide)

A chat with Michael White (Mosman, Sydney)

A chat with Rebecca James (Port Macquarie, NSW coast)

A chat with Jonathan Englert (Mosman, Sydney)

A chat with Michael Pryor (CBD, Melbourne)

A chat with Kerry Brown (Nerang, Gold Coast)

A chat with Sam Stephens (Gosford, Central Coast)

A chat with Jeff Lindsay (CBD, Melbourne)

A chat with Helene Young (Cairns, north Queensland)

A chat with Lauren Kate (Botanical Gardens, Brisbane)

General Articles

Book Exchange and Bargain Tables in Brisbane

eLit on the Move

Animal Characters with Animal Personalities

Writer’s groups/Workshops/Classes

Writer’s Nest writer’s group (Melbourne)

The Sydney Writers Project – First Class

Perth Writers Festival 2011

Writing Nasty Villains with Leah Giarratano (Perth Writers Festival workshop)

Discussion on Writing Fantasy Fiction (Somerset Writers’ Festival, Gold Coast)


The Australian Literature Review

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