When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear… (message from Fiona McIntosh)

The Lavender KeeperThe RumpelgeistKing's Wrath (Valisar Trilogy)Odalisque (Percheron S.)Beautiful DeathMyrrens Gift Quickening TrilogyFields of GoldEmissary

15 emerging writers, looking for the ‘moment’ might like to consider the 5-day Popular Fiction Masterclass that I will be holding in Adelaide during April 2013.  Having experienced the epiphany and changing my life from corporate dweller to full time novelist in the Year 2000, I have now written 25 novels across the genres of adult and children’s fantasy, crime and my more recent big sellers in adventure-romance.  My books sell worldwide and in various translations and the catalyst was a classroom in Hobart and a great teacher who knew how to motivate.  In September 2012 I tag-teamed with Bryce Courtenay for his Final Masterclass in Canberra and it was surreal to have come full circle.  We watched a number of talented students go through their life-altering moment when they truly embraced the mantle of being writers and felt galvanised into action.  It was wonderful to experience and I gave a promise to my dying mentor that I would accept the baton and continue his work.  Professional courses of this nature and duration – and energy – are not inexpensive but they can achieve what no other books or courses have.  I am committing to it by postponing a novel.  So if you think you’re ready, that you’re past being a beginner, that you really want to write commercial fiction but you are searching for motivation and the right inspiration, register your interest today by emailing me via my website at http://www.fionamcintosh.com or follow the link


I will respond to everyone and your email address will be kept private.  It is purely so that I can send you all the necessary details.

Feel free to drop by my facebook page and privately message me there:  http://www.facebook.com/fiona.mcintosh.330

You will need to plan a week away from home arriving in Adelaide for Anzac Day – April 25, 2013.

Look forward to hearing from you.  F


You can read a previous interview in which Fiona McIntosh discusses her experience of attending the Bryce Courtenay workshop which jumpstarted her career as a novelist at https://auslit.net/2010/06/15/fiona-mcintosh-author-interview.

The Lavender KeeperThe RumpelgeistKing's Wrath (Valisar Trilogy)Odalisque (Percheron S.)Beautiful DeathMyrrens Gift Quickening TrilogyFields of GoldEmissary

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