‘Writing Novels in Australia’ and ‘Writing Teen Novels’

The Australian Literature Review has launched two new sites; Writing Novels in Australia and Writing Teen Novels.


Writing Novels in Australia is a group blog on which a range of Australian authors write a monthly post on their novel writing.

2012 is dedicated to first-time novelists.

You can read along, contribute your own comments and share interesting posts with others, as these first-time novelists chart their journey to completed novel manuscript and publication.

Some of the 2012 writers on Writing Novels in Australia may be next year’s debut novelists with major publishers, or the next big independent publishing or self-publishing success story.

Whatever the future holds, you can pick up some tips, follow the journeys of a diverse range of Australian first-time novelists, and participate in conversations through your comments.



Writing Teen Novels is a group blog in which a range of authors who write novels for teen readers each do a monthly post on writing teen novels.

The 2012 authors range from several first-time teen novelists, to authors with two or three novels with major publishers, to authors with five or six teen novels with major publishers in eight or nine countries, to authors with a career spanning multiple decades and dozens of novels with major publishers.

The specialties of the 2012 teen novelists include fantasy, action, mystery, historical, and more.



The Australian Literature Review

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