AusLit Debut Novels Project 2012

The Australian Literature Review is trying something new and has launched a crowdfunding campaign with

The way it works is that sponsors from anywhere in the world pledge an amount from $1 upwards, with rewards on offer to sponsors of $30 or more.

The pledged amounts are only collected if the project’s funding goal of $22,000 is reached in 90 days.

The details are as follows:

GOAL: To guide 5 aspiring novelists in Australia to each write and publish a quality debut novel.

12 aspiring novelists in the same location, each committed to writing a novel manuscript to completion by the end of 2012, will be selected and the headquarters of The Australian Literature Review ( will be based in their city or town for 2012.

In Jan-Feb, each of the 12 writers will be guided through the creation of several 1 and 2 page story outlines then will expand their best one to end up with a quality 4 page outline each.
In Mar-Jun, the 8 writers with the best outlines will be guided through the creation of a quality feature screenplay each from their outline.
In Jul-Dec, the 5 writers with the best screenplays will be guided through the creation of a quality novel each from their screenplay.

Each story will be workshopped in the outline, screenplay and novel stage, with fiction writing professionals providing input at each stage.

Throughout the year, the writers will have a team of 3 illustrators and 3 photographers/graphic designers to create illustrations, book covers, provide added inspiration for the writers, and document the project.

A full colour book about the project, including photography and illustrations, will be published in Dec 2012.

The 5 novels will be published in early 2013.

The 8 feature screenplays will also be ready in case suitable film-makers show interest in filming them.

There will be a local exhibition of the illustrators’ and photographers’ work at the end of the project, plus a book trailer competition for filmmakers and a first chapter audiobook competition for voice artists/sound engineers.

There will be a community engagement activity in the local area at least once a month, which will be free or low cost to the public.

Other aspiring novelists, illustrators, photographers and interested people will be able to follow the project online through regular articles and updates to help them with their own creative pursuits. The online coverage will also provide people regular insights into novelists, illustrators and photographers at work and how they approach the tasks they set out to achieve. People can follow online out of general interest or to support them through the process of writing their own novel in 2012.


The Australian Literature Review

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7 Responses to AusLit Debut Novels Project 2012

  1. Michael Grey says:

    This is a fantastic idea. Any plan on when the funding drive will start, or how interested writers can apply?

    • AusLit says:

      Hi Michael,

      I’m glad you like the idea.
      The 90 day fundraising campaign officially starts at midnight tonight. 🙂

      You can click on the purple image for more details on the Pozible website and people with a blog are welcome to copy and paste the image link on their blog to help support the fundraising effort.

      Interested writers can submit for the two anthologies accepting submissions until Sep 30th (the comedy anthology and Christmas horror anthology), and a round of mkonthly short story comps will soon be announced for Sep, Oct and Nov. These will be the best way to bring the quality of your writing to my attention.
      Interested writers can also help their chances by encouraging writers from their city or town to submit stories for the anthologies and comps, to show that there are at least 12 interested writers with strong potential in their area.
      Once the fundraising target is met, confirming the project can go ahead, the formal selection process for the writers and location will commence.

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  3. What a brilliant idea! If we have already submitted to one or more ALR anthologies are we eligible to submit to this project?

    • auslit says:

      Absolutely. If the fundraising campaign reaches the target and the project goes ahead, it is open to all applicants who do not have a commercially published novel.
      Someone with a novel that is self-published or published with a very small publisher may also be eligible. Short stories, children’s picture books, novellas or children’s chapter books significantly shorter than a novel, etc or published non-fiction books do not effect eligibility.

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