AusLit 1st Birthday

The Australian Literature Review, or AusLit for short, celebrates its 1st Birthday on June 14th.

Below are birthday messages from a range of authors who have been involved with the site over the past year, in their own words. The authors below are offering a signed copy of one of their books as a birthday gift.

Since AusLit exists for site visitors, you will be the ones receiving the birthday gifts. Details on how you could receive a signed book from one of the authors below are beneath the birthday messages:

Congratulations on a triumphant first year! The Australian Literature Review’s uniqueness comes from its enthusiastic and informed scope. AusLit champions a true diversity of writers and their work, in part by traveling anywhere on the continent to seek out and support Australian literature. What seems to matter to AusLit is the actual first-hand practice of our curious profession, not, mercifully, second-hand ideologies about writing or hand-me-down theories. 
— J.F. Englert (interviewed here)

Happy birthday, AusLit! It should be a happy one, because you’ve achieved so much over that first year! When I first came across the site, through Facebook, I was so impressed by the quality and depth and breadth of AusLit–and you’ve only gone from strength to strength since then. Thank you for providing an egalitarian platform for writers, no matter at what stage of our careers; for putting so much work and imaginative thinking into showcasing Australian literature in its many diverse forms, and for the wonderfully creative ideas that have resulted in anthologies and many other wonderful things. Congratulations, and thank you–for your creativity, innovation, energy, and sheer hard work–and many happy returns of the day, and the year.
— Sophie Masson (interviewed here)

Happy Birthday to The Australian Literature Review. You are a wonderful example of innovation and support to both established and aspiring writers. May you continue to prosper for many more birthdays to come.
— Bernadette Kelly (interviewed here)

The Australian Literature Review is one of the best sites internationally for keeping up to date with authors and events within our industry. AusLit is somewhere I can learn about new and established authors and their works, and I can hear how they perform their craft. It’s also a place where I have made some good contacts and improved my network of friends and professionals in the Australian literary community. Thank you and happy birthday AusLit!
— Greig Beck (interviewed here)

Happy Birthday AusLit! It’s been a privilege to be able to reach new readers through you. I don’t know of another organisation who gives new and unpublished authors such great opportunities, regardless of genre. Thank you for being so passionate about the literary potential of Australian writers. I’m sure you’ll be the springboard for a lot of otherwise-untapped talent!
— Lia Weston (interviewed here)

I would like to personally congratulate The Australian Literature Review and all involved in your site for a truly professional and wonderful venue for writers and aspiring writers.  You are a trail blazer and have my commitment in the future. With all the best wishes to you and all those who have contact with the site.
— Peter Watt (interviewed here)

Happy birthday, Auslit! Steve you must be congratulated on such a wonderful site, dedicated to Australian authors, both published and emerging. You’ve made me more aware of the talent in this country. Here’s to many more birthdays!
— Fleur McDonald (interviewed here)

Auslit is still a new kid on the block, but it’s accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. The anthologies are gaining momentum, the interviews come thick and fast, and the support that this network has provided to numerous emerging writers has been fantastic. Happy first birthday, Auslit. Here’s to many more.
— Beau Hillier (interviewed here)

Dear Australian Literature Review, happy first birthday to you! As a Gemini you were destined to be a hit. Gemini are erudite types who worship words, adore people and love nothing more than bringing those two elements together. You’ve taken that passion to new heights and have hit the road in order to experience ‘writers in the wild’. You’ve tapped into the energy and generosity of Australia writers then doubled that power by adding your own enthusiasm. The Anthologies are providing opportunities for emerging writers as well as giving established writers the chance to branch out and try something different. What a wealth of talent! Congrats on reaching this first important milestone. I look forward to celebrating many more with you!
— Helene Young (interviewed here)

A big happy birthday to The Australian Literature Review. Well done on your first year of showing endless support to Australian writers, established and aspiring! It is pages like yours that unite the writers to the readers. Such a wonderful and beautiful thing to be doing! Sites like The Australian Literature Review are so important to me, being a new author, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve Rossiter for the impeccable job he is doing. From one proud Aussie to another, Cheers mate!
— Mandy Magro (interviewed here)

For your chance to receive a signed book, send an email (including your postal details) to by 2pm Tue June 14th with:
– a specific post on The Australian Literature Review that you appreciate and why you appreciate it; or
– something specific you would like to see more of on the site and why; or
– something specific pertaining to fiction writing in your local area that would be of interest to other readers and writers of fiction around Australia
(Your postal details will only be used for the purpose of mailing you a signed book if you are selected.)

Since the website launched on June 14th 2010 it has brought readers and writers of fiction access to a wide range of authors from around Australia, as well as to authors who visit Australia or whose fiction is popular in Australia.

AusLit is a site where bestselling and award winning authors feature alongside amateur and emerging authors, where children’s and young adult fiction features alongside adult fiction, and where fiction written in or set in rural and regional areas features alongside fiction written in or set in big cities.

The Australian Literature Review does not claim to represent or speak on behalf of authors or readers; it serves as a platform for each author and reader to speak for themself.

In the year that the site has been online, around 100 commercially published authors, as well as publishers/editors and a book publicist and a literary agent, have been involved with the site in publicly visible ways such as through things such as interviews, meeting up in person for a chat as the basis for an article, submitting stories and articles on the craft of fiction, providing professional feedback for short story competition winners, etc. Hundreds of fiction writers yet to be commercially published have also sent in stories. Then there are those who have been involved in ways less visible to the public, such as publicists with publishers like Random HousePan Macmillan and Hachette who have helped with access to authors (such as John FlanaganPeter Watt and Jeff Lindsay), and, more recently, book store owners such as Ian and Karen Gampe from Collins Mackay and David Marlow from Book Street Toorak who have assisted by hosting author events. Thousands of readers visit the site and many visit on a regular basis. Regular site visitors include readers, amateur writers, professional writers, editors, publishers, booksellers, students, academics, literary agents, book bloggers, and so on.

AusLit is for anyone interested in the craft of writing fiction – involving the practical concerns of creating fictional stories, getting those stories read, thinking about stories you enjoy and understanding how other people approach various aspects of written storytelling and why they enjoy the stories they do.

So go in the running for a birthday gift of a signed book from one of the authors above and help make AusLit’s second year better than the first with your feedback.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved with The Australian Literature Review, as a contributor, behind the scenes, or as a site visitor.

If you would like to give AusLit a birthday gift you can do that by sharing a link to this post on Facebook or Twitter.


The Australian Literature Review

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8 Responses to AusLit 1st Birthday

  1. Kerry Brown says:

    Wow Steve – Has it really been 12 months? Congratulations to you and The Australian Literature Review on creating such a diverse, professional network of authors and literary enthusiasts. Your vision to make writing more accessible and to promote the work of Australian writers is triumphant. You are without a doubt, a complete success. It is through your encouragement and vision that I have managed to explore other genres and increased my own confidence as a writer. Enjoy the celebrations! Hell, why not write a story about them! Kerry Brown xoxo

  2. Sam Stephens says:

    Happy birthday AusLit! Like Kerry said: 12 months already? Time flies! I’ve actually forgotten how I first stumbled onto AusLit, but I’m glad I did. It’s been a wild 12 months, and really great to meet all the people I have through this site.


  3. The Australian Literature Review was the platform I needed to launch my own writing, as a young emerging writer Aus Lit’s support has been invaluable and very appreciated. A dream was realised when my first work was published by Aus Lit and in me you will have a supporter who will celebrate all your future birthdays and achievements.

    Thank you and congratulations,

  4. Kathryn says:

    wow, only 12 months? I haven’t known Auslit that long (I found it through Micheal Pryor’s twitter) but it’s such a well put together and active site, I thought it was older!
    Happy 1st birthday, Auslit, may you have many more!

  5. Simon G says:

    Happy 1st Birthday Auslit! My daughter will be 1 also but a few days earlier than you, on June 11th 😀 Are you walking yet? Have you enjoyed your first taste of cake ?? Big number 1 is so exciting for everyone!

  6. thegracefuldoe says:

    Happy birthday AusLit! Thank you so much for all you do for the Australian writing community. Thank you for creating an awareness of Australian authors – there are authors I may never have known about if it wasn’t for AusLit. And thank you for all you do for emerging authors, like me. You have helped me, and other emerging authors, see our names in print through your short story competitions and anthologies.

    A huge congratulations on your first year!

  7. Lou Pollard says:

    Congratulations & happy birthday

  8. auslit says:

    Thanks to everyone for your messages.
    It’s great to hear that you are enjoying the site and finding it useful.
    Looking forward, the second year will be significantly more eventful than the first, with lots of opportunities and fiction projects being published.
    Of course, the interviews and articles on the craft of fiction will also keep coming so you can read what authors and other people with first hand involvement in producing fiction and getting it to readers have to say about what they do.
    Now, go ahead and win yourself a birthday present of a signed book by 2pm.

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