AusLit Writing Teams

The AusLit Writing Teams, running from May to September, have their own site at where you can follow the progress of the three teams. The writing teams are located in Sydney, Melbourne and the Central Coast (north of Sydney, just south of Newcastle). Each team meets together in person once a fortnight and also stays in touch online to collaboratively write a novel-length integrated collection of short stories. Each writer writes their own stories to write but the subject matter and style are worked out collaboratively and each story is workshopped by the group. The teams are:

SYDNEY (Dysfunctional family drama/comedy)

Lisa Heidke
Desney King
Shelley Kenigsberg
Emma Salkild
Steve Rossiter

MELBOURNE (Teen paranormal mystery suspense)

Belinda Dorio
Beau Hillier
Steve Rossiter

CENTRAL COAST (Thriller with realistic horror)

Dr Deo de Wit
Sam Stephens
Steve Rossiter

These writers are a mix of people who are primarily novelists, editors, and emerging fiction writers. Some have written or edited novels for publishers like Random House and Allen & Unwin; some are self-published or have fiction published online; some teach editing and publishing courses, and international workshops; some are breaking into the industry with short stories and are on the verge of having their first novel published.

Each writer will write several stories as part of their team’s integrated collection.

The writing teams will also be inviting appropriate guest writers to write a story as part of their project.

There will be articles on various writers’ experiences and writing processes, as well as further detail on the subject matter and style of each project as the writing progresses. There are bound to be a range of insights into collaborative writing, the craft of writing fiction and about learning from working closely with other fiction writers.

Each team is also setting their integrated collection of stories locally, so there are bound to be insights into writing Australian fiction with specific local settings (Sydney, Melbourne and the Central Coast).

So head over to from time to time and see what these writers and their teams are up to.


The Australian Literature Review

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