Comedy Anthology (Call for Submissions)

The Australian Literature Review is accepting submissions of 4,000-10,000 word stories for a comedy anthology.

The comedy anthology will include a story by comedy novelist Lia Weston (The Fortunes of Ruby White, published by Simon & Schuster).

Submissions are due by midnight September 30th.

Each author will receive 4% of gross revenue received by The Australian Literature Review from sales of the anthology minus direct costs of production and distribution (ie. before wages, marketing, etc).

Multiple entries are allowed. Email entries to as a Word document or in the body of the email.


Good comedy, like good fiction writing, is something which is not easily taught. It tends to be something you have to learn yourself to be able to do well. So you’re probably better off writing in a way you find amusing and not following someone else’s theories or speculation about how to write comedy.

Think beyond satire, parody, ‘it’s funny because it’s strange’ and ‘it’s funny because a character doesn’t understand another character’s race/gender/class/culture’.

Think what you appreciate in some of your favourite comedy books, plays, movies and TV episodes. Then work out how to use what you like about that comedy in a similar-but-different way for your own original story.

Integrate the comedy with the story. Don’t write a string of set ups and punchlines which are not a cohesive part of the story.

Comedy can come in many varieties; subtly ironic, laugh-out-loud misadventures, comically mismatched characters, witty back-and-forth, stubborn rivalries, improbable farce, a grossly incompetent underdog who gives it their best anyway, and so on.


The Australian Literature Review

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7 Responses to Comedy Anthology (Call for Submissions)

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  3. jrpoulter says:

    How set in concrete are the word limits? Any room to move…?
    best wishes

    • AusLit says:

      The word limits are pretty firm.
      There will be a strong preference for stories within the word limit.
      Since there is still about 3 months for writers to get stories in, there should be a good selection of stories which are within 4,000-10,000 words.

  4. Trevor Solomon says:

    Dear Auslit,

    Just wondering if there is an expected date for the comedy anthology. Thanks.


  5. Sergio says:

    I do need to enter in contact with some 1 from you guys to help me in what i do need to do.pls call me:0430083962 sergio thx

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