April Short Story Comp – Winners

Thankyou to everyone who entered the April short story comp (theme: young adult) as part of the monthly short story comps running in March, April and May.

The winning story is Snogfest, by Karen McKenzie

Karen McKenzie has won feedback on her story from two fiction writing/publishing professionals.

The runner-up story is Karma, by SM Johnston.

SM Johnston has won feedback on her story from one commercially published author.

A special thanks to Michael Pryor, Zoe Walton and Sara Foster for providing feedback on the stories.

Moment of Truth (Laws of Magic)Oakleaf Bearers (Ranger's Apprentice S.)booktopia.com.au - Australia's #1 online bookstore

You can meet and chat with Michael Pryor, as well as author Belinda Dorio and editor/publisher Steve Rossiter, at the Melbourne launch of Australian Literature: A Snapshot in 10 Short Stories on May 3rd.

The Australian Literature Review

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One Response to April Short Story Comp – Winners

  1. Sharon Johnston says:

    Wow, thank you so much!

    The feedback from Sara was amazingly insightful. What a great prize!

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