March Short Story Competition Winners

Thankyou to everyone who entered the March short story comp (theme: suspense) as part of the monthly short story comps running in March, April and May.

The winning story is Slipping by Prue Bon.

Prue has won feedback on her story from two commercially published authors and a Kindle (3G + WiFi) ereader.

The runner-up story is The Thirteenth Step by Sam Stephens.

Sam has won feedback on his story from one commercially published author.

A special thanks to Katherine Howell, Lia Weston and Michael Gerard Bauer for providing feedback on the stories.

The Darkest HourThe Fortunes of Ruby WhiteDon't Call Me Ishmael!

The Australian Literature Review

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2 Responses to March Short Story Competition Winners

  1. rooeymarree says:

    hi Auslit! oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!! how awesome – thanks so much!! thanks also to Lia for her feedback – it was fantastic!!

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