Want help with your New Year’s Resolution? (submit by Jan 4)

As we approach New Year’s Eve 2010, it’s a good opportunity for each of us to think about our life (or our fiction writing) and ask ourself what  we want to achieve in 2011.

Some of you may recall that between November 1st and 10th 2010 I contributed 100 hours of time and effort in 10 days to benefit worldreader.org.

It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it and set aside some time and effort to get it done.

I encourage you to take the convenient occasion of New Year’s Eve to choose something important to you and decide to spend 100 hours in 2011 to make it happen. You could write a piece of fiction and get it published, you could start a writing group, you could do something to help people learn to read and write, you could take a writing course, you could read the top books you’ve wanted to read but not gotten around to reading, you could write some articles on the craft of fiction and get them published, you could write the first draft of a novel, etc.

Email your literary related New Year’s Eve Resolution to auslit@hotmail.com by midnight January 4th and one or more will be chosen to receive a helping hand towards your goal.

TIP: Personalise it. For example, if your goal is to run a weekly fiction writing group, say how yours will be different from other groups and why doing it in a specific way is important to you. 


The Australian Literature Review

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