Australian Literature Anthology – Basics of Life

The Australian Literature Review is accepting submissions for a short story anthology, focused on basic concerns of human life in the areas of survival, friendship, romantic love, ambition, responsibility and death. It will be published both as a print book and ebook.

Two stories (4000 – 10,000 words each) will be selected in each of the six areas.

Each author will receive royalties of 4% of gross revenue received by The Australian Literature Review from sales of the anthology, after any direct material costs of publication/distribution, and each author will retain copyright for their story beyond its use in the anthology.

Submissions are due by midnight February 28th 2011 [The submission deadline has been extended until midnight Tuesday March 15th. The selection of authors and stories for the anthology will be announce March 31st.], for publication in May 2011. Please only submit stories which have not been published elsewhere.

A little on each area, with examples of stories dealing with each area, is outlined below. You can click on an image to read a blurb, and in some cases also watch a video, for each example.

Email entries to There are no special formatting requirements.


Survival is of primary importance to human life and thought. You are alive because you have chosen survival over death and acted to stay alive. Stories can be used to explore what people are capable of when faced with a threat to their survival.

The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Trilogy)Terminator 2: Judgment Day (2 Disc Ultimate Edition) Tomorrow, When the War BeganJoyrideWhen Courage Came to CallThe Last Town on EarthGladiator


People tend to greatly enjoy the companionship of friends to make life more enjoyable, or just more bearable. Friends can be good influences in each other’s life but things can also go wrong. Some people can approve of a friendship while others might disapprove of it.

Beautiful MaliceThe Boy in the Striped PyjamasThe Sandlot The Odd Couple / The Odd Couple II (Classic Double Bill) Step by StepStand By Me (Collector's Edition) The Fox and The Hound (25th Anniversary Special Edition)

Romantic Love

Romantic love can be similar to friendship, but typically more intense and something each person reserves for one person at a time. Of course, there can be variations to this and they may work well… but variations on this much more often result in conflict.

A Place to Call HomeThe Notebook (Indulgence Collection) River Run DeepOn Fortune's WheelGhostShakespeare's American Pie / American Pie 2 / American Pie: The Wedding


In addition to survival, friendship and love, people tend to develop major goals they want to achieve. Goals can be motivated by such concepts as duty, compassion, entitlement, justice or honour.

Shakespeare's Royal Exile: Book One of the Valisar Trilogy300 Spartans, The A Knight's Tale (Extended Edition) The Ruins of Gorlan (Ranger's Apprentice S.)Gattaca (Deluxe Edition)  Mysterious Cities of Gold The


In order to pursue medium-term or long-term goals people need to take on responsibility. This can be responsibility for yourself, for your child or someone else’s child, for a family, for people in need or in immediate physical danger, and so on.

Juno I Am Sam (DTS) HomecomingSeven Samurai  National Lampoon X'mas/ Vegas Vacation Double Pack Big My Name Is Earl Season 4


Death is something which has happened or will happen to every person (unless a successful means of eternal life is developed). Exploring mortality, and even immortality, in fiction can be a way of exploring how people choose to approach and prioritise how they behave while alive.

The Art of MurderMean Creek A Dog's PurposePreincarnate Sixth Sense My Sister's KeeperBeautiful DeathHighlander (2 Disc Special Edition)

The Australian Literature Review

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23 Responses to Australian Literature Anthology – Basics of Life

  1. Coral Sturgess says:

    Hi, have a couple of stories almost ready to send, one is brand spanking new and one is a polish of an earlier written and self published work that has been resurrected and polished up. if this is not acceptable I am letting you know so you can choose to accept it or reject it as the judges see fit. I notice you do not have a comment about previously published work and would hate to inadvertantly break the rules.
    I look forward to your decision on this, and I love this site, by the way.

    • auslit says:

      Hi Coral,

      Thanks for your comment.
      This anthology will just be for stories which have not been published elsewhere.
      A sentence has been added to tell people this one is just for new stories.
      Best of luck with your writing. 🙂

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  3. Les Zig says:

    Hi. I just want to check that the email address is



  4. jrpoulter says:

    I gather we can email our entries? Are there any formatting stipulations?
    Best wishes
    Jennifer R. Poulter [also write under J.R.McRae]

    • auslit says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Yes, submissions for the anthology (and for anything on the site) should be by email to There is no special formatting required.

      (These details have now been added into the post above to make it completely clear for others.)

  5. jrpoulter says:

    Thank you, appreciated! 😀

  6. Les Zig says:

    Hi. A bit of a silly question. Well, it’s not even a question, but a point. My email address has an appalling record with Gmail and Hotmail accounts. They tend to file emails from me in their Spam folders, particularly when those emails have attachments. (Will avoid all the jokes about what that could mean.) Anyway, I just wanted to post a heads-up, just in case. Thanks. Sorry to be a nuisance.



  7. Belinda Dorio says:

    Aus Lit

    Is non-fiction appropriate? Or just fiction?


  8. Les Zig says:

    Sorry to be a bother with another question, but when is this one announced?

  9. Farah says:


    I was just wondering if you have any interest in stories not set in Australia. I have a story that fits into two categories, essentially survival and a friendship of sorts, and if I did submit I was wondering which category to put it into. It’s a story about the relationship between a teenage girl and a mad woman in a small village in Bangladesh.

    You don’t seem to have mentioned that submissions must be from Australians or about Australia, but often that is the case, implictly or otherwise. I’d really appreciate if you could clarify this, since I am Bangladeshi.

    Many thanks –


    • auslit says:

      Hi Farah,

      Thanks for your comment and your interest in the anthology.
      This anthology is for people living in Australia (of any background or citizenship).
      The stories can be set anywhere.

      A global anthology open to writers all around the world is something being considered for the near future. (There may be international banking issues to work out to pay royalties to authors in various countries.)

      Best of luck with your writing. 🙂

  10. My sub is about 7 eights there. Is the deadline rigid…. or can I submit as far as I have
    managed to get in the time?

    • auslit says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Good news: I’ve just announced an extension of the submission deadline until midnight Tuesday March 15th.
      This will allow those relatively new to the site time to complete their stories.
      Best of luck. 🙂

  11. Fiona says:

    Does the story need to be in the body of the email or can it be an attachment?

  12. Fiona says:

    have entered and thank you for the opportunity – it is much appreciated

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