National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Update 6

In this update I will provide a few details about the development of the main character, Michael, across the four sections of the story.



Emotional turmoil

Michael doesn’t have strong motivation towards any long term goals, he makes some poor decisions without knowing why and comes to regret them, but he genuinely doesn’t mean any harm or ill will towards anyone else, has a general craving for friendship more than anything else, and when tested in dangerous circumstances he puts himself in danger in order to protect Amy.


Competence and learning through necessity

When thrust into a survival situation, Michael and Amy must find solutions to their problems if they are to stay alive.


Creating an open and honest friendship

With survival issues more stable, Michael is able to relax a bit and develop a strong friendship with Amy.


Skills tested through major conflict

Michael’s new life skills are put to the test in a dramatic high-stakes finale


The story will give readers an opportunity to compare what Michael was like at the beginning to what he becomes like at the end and how he made that transition throughout the story.

The Australian Literature Review recommends and Room to Read as worthy choices for those interested in contributing to a literary or literacy based charity.

The Australian Literature Review

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