National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Update 3

The story continues…

Michael and Amy, having been separated from their parents in the Ghanaian jungle, try to find their parents or the path their group had trodden before being separated. No luck. The two of them are lost. They turn their attention to finding reliable food, water, shelter and safety from jungle creatures … but there is a more dangerous human threat they will have to be prepared to face.

I am onto the second of four 12,500 word sections which will make up the story.

In the second section, the story conflict now has more immediately physical concerns added to the emotional/psychological conflict carried over from the first section. Michael and Amy will need to overcome common problems, despite their previous differences.

I am currently up to around 19,000 words.

I hope everyone else’s novels are going well this month. Happy writing.


The 100 Hours in 10 Days Challenge, in which I give 100 hours of my time and effort towards supporting’s activities to make ebooks available to all people in developing countries continues until the end of today. For this I have been doing things like:

– writing my story, which will be 50,000 words long by the end of the month, to be published as a Kindle book with half the proceeds going to and half towards charitable activities in Australia to help fiction writers develop their craft,

– developing a charitable anthology of short stories, which has a number of well-established published authors onboard so far, to be published under the same arrangements above; and

– talking to publishers and authors about donating copies of ebooks for use in’s year-long Ghana trial.

Although today is the final day of the 100 Hours in 10 Days Challenge, that will not be the end of my support for’s work.

The Australian Literature Review recommends and Room to Read as worthy choices for those interested in contributing to a literary or literacy based charity.

The Australian Literature Review

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