Short Story Competition

The Australian Literature Review is running a short story competition throughout September, October and November 2010.

A winner will be announced on the final day of each month in the category selected for that month, with entries due by midnight on the 20th of each month. The winner each month will receive personal feedback (400-500 words) on their short story from a published author and a $250 Angus & Robertson voucher.


Best short story with a rural or small town setting.

Feedback from Fleur McDonald (Red Dust, Blue Skies) – interviewed here.


Best realistic horror short story (that is, non-supernatural horror).

Feedback from JJ Cooper (The Interrogator, Deadly Trust) – interviewed here.


Best adventure short story.

Feedback from Tony Park (Far Horizon, Zambezi, African Sky, Safari, Silent Predator, Ivory, The Delta) – interviewed here.

Submit your short stories (1000-3000 words) to

(Entrants must reside in Australia.)


The Australian Literature Review

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10 Responses to Short Story Competition

  1. Coral Sturgess says:

    Interested and will submit

  2. Sam Stephens says:

    Can’t wait! I just wrote my short story this morning. Now I need to let it ferment for a few days before going back to the editing desk.

    Can past winners still enter?


  3. auslit says:

    Excellent. Good luck with it.
    Yes, previous winners can enter – and for each of the three months for this comp if you like.

    • Sam Stephens says:

      Excellent, thanks for the clarification!

      This comp was really good timing – I’ve had this segment of a horror story floating around in the dark recesses of my mind for awhile now, and this was finally an excuse to get it down on paper.

      I feel almost liberated 😉


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  6. I can’t seem to find if there is a specific format for submitting a story or if it is more of a genral convention that is expected. Can you clarify please?

    • auslit says:

      Hi Coral,

      There is no fancy formatting required.

      Emailing a standard Word document, or putting the story in the body of the email itself, is fine.
      There is no need to indent anything or to add margins, special line spacing or anything else.
      Don’t worry about size or font. They can be changed in seconds, if necessary.

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