Favourites from the A&R Top 100 – Bernadette Kelly

Readers have until midnight Saturday July 31st to enter the Angus & Robertson Top 100 contest.

Bernadette Kelly has shared some of her favourites from the Top 100. You can find more about Bernadette Kelly and her fiction at www.bernadettekelly.com.au.


Such a difficult thing to do – to nominate a favourite from a list such is this. I couldn’t choose one, so here are my top 5.

The Hobbit – Which I read at the age of about nine and which swept me up into a world of such beauty, danger, mystery and loyal friendships that my young self was transfixed and transported.  A book I have read over many times. Tolkien is a genius.

The Mists of Avalon – I read this as a young woman of eighteen. It has left me with a life long fascination for anything Arthurian.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone – read nightly, chaper by chapter, to my two young children, with me doing voices for each character. Remembered as much for the wonderful time of the three of us had reading it as for the incredible world of wizards and magic brought to life by J K Rowling. A treasured memory of cuddles and closeness, and of the wonderful thing that is a child learning to love and appreciate books. The incredible success of this book was inevitable.

My Sister’s Keeper – As a parent, a sister, a daughter, this book was a labyrinth of ethical dillemmas that left me wondering, over and over, what would I do in that situation? How can I judge these characters, so real and so human? How would I react?  I have no answer still.

The Time Traveller’s Wife – A story so wonderfully and skilfully woven by the author. She left me wanting to know Henry, help Henry, be Henry.  I loved him and feared for him, right alongside Clare for every page until the tragic, inevitable end.

Naughty Norton (Pony Patch)Losing Norton (Pony Patch)Balancing Act (Riding High S.)Pony Trek (Riding High S.)If Wishes Were HorsesTeam ChallengeCourage to Ride


The Australian Literature Review

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