Your Favourites (Jason Miles) – Faerytale

I don’t know where to start with this book but with what seems to me to be the best way to explain this book. My grandmother was suffering from terminal cancer, in constant pain and always sleeping due to the pain medication she was on. But she started reading this book at my urging as something to do, little did I know that this would draw her in soo much that she was staying awake just to read this book just so that she could finish it.

Me reading Faerytale came about from talking to Virginia in an online game that we use to play. One day she said that she had almost finished her book and I got curious but to be honest a little wary. I am an avid reader and didn’t want to disappoint her with my opinions about her writing style. I was almost immediately drawn in to the enveloping world that is Faerytale, I was like no I was a man possessed. This book has it all, a deep unbreakable love, magic  and a world of total fantasy but with more than your simple fantasy book this ties in the modern and urban world. I don’t want to go in to too many details as I couldn’t do them the justice that they so rightly deserve. I would and have been suggesting this book to everyone that I know.

The only disappointment I had with the book was the plain and simple fact that it finished. I rate this book up there with the greatest books I have read and would compare it to a work of Tolkien. That is how deeply this book reads to me and I can hardly wait to read the rest of the series as they are released.

The official website for the Faerytale trilogy is at The official Faerytale Facebook fan page is available here.

The Australian Literature Review

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One Response to Your Favourites (Jason Miles) – Faerytale

  1. Peter Baily says:

    It is a good book I really got into it. Its a bit of a spin on a lot of books I like, had Dan Brown elements, although the hooks are different. Enjoyed your warlocks too. Nice to have such interesting twists here and there. I actually had a tear at times but I will never tell anyone that. Love the business side of this book. I’m an accountant. Do you know how close to possible this is? I wonder what she does know. This book is fiction, although strangely, I choose to believe it is entirely possible to be real. Pun intended.

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