Your Favourites (Kylie French) – The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner is one of my favourite books. 

I enjoyed reading about the love and friendship of two young boys who enjoyed each other’s company daily, even though they had different upbringings, they respected each other and made the best of what they had.  Whilst it must have been extremely hard for Amir to have not told the devastating secret he knew about Hassan’s horrible episode he had at the hands of a group of evil young boys, Amir grew up into a mature and knowledgeable man and knew what wrong he had done by not telling anyone about Hassan’s ordeal.  As he went to try and mend his ways he learnt of a secret that was kept from him his whole life.  If only he had known Hassan was his brother before Hassan was killed, he would have stepped in and stopped the horrible things that happened all those years ago which probably would have meant a better life for both boys.  Amir would have to live the rest of his life knowing what could have been and by doing his best to fix what was still fixable. Amir  chose to find and bring Hassan’s child into his home and bring him up as one of his own.  Even though Amir probably made the wrong choice as a child this story was uplifting in the fact that he made a choice later in life to do the best he could to fix his wrongs.  We could all learn a thing or two from reading this beautiful story but hopefully will not take as long as Amir to right the wrong doings we do.  A beautiful story which made me happy and sad, what every book should be like.  Love life every day and most importantly love your family and let them know they are loved.

Well done Khaled Hosseini.


The Australian Literature Review

The Kite Runner

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