Top 100 Favourites

You could win a complete set of the Angus & Robertson Top 100 books, by telling us your favourite book from the A&R Top 100 and why in 300-500 words as a submission for The Australian Literature Review’s ‘Your Favourites’ section.

Here are some thoughts by novelist Tony Park to help get you started with some ideas.

Tony Park – The Pillars of the Earth

My favourite book in the list is The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. Ken Follett’s books are so good they depress me. He’s everything I aspire to be in a fiction writer, but it can be depressing when you’re trying to write your own stuff and come across something as good as The Pillars of the Earth. Of course, it’s inspirational as well. You think, ‘…if I could just tell my stories with that same, simple, clean prose, and at the same time evoke such emotion, and, to top it all off, keep people hungry for the page after they’ve read the first 999 (and make a few million in the process!)…’ But Follett manages all that with enviable, inspirational ease. I devoured the sequel, World Without End, and while I loved it, I got the feeling it was the same story, of the couple almost getting together and then being pulled apart, told three times over. The Pillars of the Earth, however, was one beautiful, richly embroidered, yet simple tale, and despite its length, I never wanted it to end.

The Top 100 list and the Top 100 video are available The Top 100 list is available here.


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