Classic Australian Poetry – Camping, by Barcroft Boake (1866-1898)

O scents from dewy grass and tree;
O fluting birds at morn
Loud, jubilant or broken sweet;
O cloudlets fleecy, torn,
Floating on the fields of azure blue
Far in the distance, low!
I think of these and raptured cry:
A-camping we will go!

With every waft from greening Earth
Wet with a gentle shower;
With every moving in the trees;
With every dancing flower;
I hear a song within my breast,
Over wide spaces and I sigh:
A-camping we will go!

By murmuring streams and fountain falls;
By ferny hills and dales;
By shadowed cleft and hidden cave,
And old forgotten trails,
By bending, perfumed lilied brake;
By wavesin endless flow;
I’ll sing as on the grass I lie:
A-camping we will go!

By flaming multitudes of stars,
Unvalued of most men,
Offering ephemerals purged might
Aeries of prison-den;
By crescent moons soaring above
All beauty that I know-
A lover to the bush I’ll fly:
A-camping we will go!


The Australian Literature Review

Classic Book of Australian Verse

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